What gets you off? What makes you hot, turns you on, gets you wet, makes you come?  I’ve been asked this so often recently but I’ve never had less of an answer.  My own arousal is a mystery to me.
It’s embarrassing to have to admit that I have rarely even played with myself these past few years. Men can’t conceive of this. I guess the long celibacy did some kind of  damage because it now takes me longer, but the more sex I have the easier it gets. Climaxing, that is.
I feel like sleeping beauty waking from a deep, dark slumber. My consciousness, my body, my spirit are all awakening, and I not only feel it physically  but just in the way I’m relating to men and they to me. Things are more flirtatious when appropriate, and no good looking man is safe from my greedy gaze.  Messy kisses. groping, nipple play… nibbling my neck, teasing me with your cock til I beg for it, getting pounded from behind….licking you….stay tuned.

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