The Hobbled Trifecta

I’m not sure what gets said about dating over 40 because I hate bullshit dating advice articles or columns. After a lifetime of twisting myself into pleasing forms for various men, my only advice is BE YOURSELF.  A person who sees you and knows you as you truly are and loves you that way is what everyone should have in their life. Of course, if you’re an asshole, you’re gonna wind up alone no matter what.
Having said that I wanted to mention the inordinate amount of physically uh…challenged men that I heard from when I first signed on to online sites.  For a while I was like, ok I only wanna hear from guys 30 – 40 because DAMN, these 40+ guys are all suffering from some shit, and I’m trying to have fun, not be a f*king nurse.
There was the guy on disability who had some kind of old work injury who was in constant back, arm and neck pain, but nevertheless was looking for love online and hoped I wouldn’t be turned off.  Uh-huh.  Then the guy with the super athletic pics, athletic bod who was having surgery the week I called him. Uh, buh-bye. AND the guy who is super-horny but suffering from a heart condition that requires medication and monitoring. OH and the guy who is a war veteran (kudos of course) but has some sort of injury he can’t explain for which he needs therapy three times a week. WHAT?
I wish all these guys the best and I’m sure they’ll find what they’re looking for, but not me, not now.  And  to guys everywhere….get some exercise, eat a vegetable go to the doctor once a year at least, huh? 40-something is way too young to be falling apart, dudes.

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