Deny Deny Deny

Deny Deny Deny

So when prince chump, my crappy Saturday night date called me to ask me out again on Monday, I felt like I couldn’t just ignore him. I had to let him know what the deal was in no uncertain terms. But I didn’t want to talk to him because I knew I would get heated and loud (hate it when guys think they can get away with this behavior). So of course I wrote him a note on the site where we met. Below my email and his response.

    I was surprised to get your phone message yesterday, because going by Saturday. I got the impression that there was no chemistry between us at all. I wasn’t feeling it, and you certainly didn’t act like you felt any either, which is fine. But more importantly, you seem older than your pics and based on the way things played out I’m suspecting you’re married or in a relationship, and I definitely don’t want to deal with that. And to top it off, not a great date either, so we don’t need to communicate anymore.

Quick and to the point, yes? And he responds:

well  first of all im not nor have I ever been married and im not in a relationship i live alone and no problem showing you where i live or inviting you by for a visit,second ofall we went to a movie so we really didnt get to talk to feel each other out,but if thats the way YOU feel,i can’t change that,i hope you find what you’re looking for….stay sweet….

So we’re barely past the first date and he’s gaslighting me. NEXT

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  • Anonymous

    May 4, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Meh, it's all good. I note that he didn't respond to whether he misrepresented his age. LOL. And he didn't comment on the key chemistry thing either. He knew what he was doing when he selected movie as the first date you two would actually go on. Either way, yup, ON TO THE NEXT ONE

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