Terminator Again

Terminator Again

The Terminator’s last email sat in my inbox like a radioactive rock, waiting to be dealt with.  I was pissed, hurt, upset — but I knew that eventually I would respond. He had reached out to say he wasn’t upset with me and that he didn’t hold a grudge — extending an olive branch.
It was more than two weeks before I was calm enough and sure of what I wanted to say.  I was tough but tender, making it clear that I was still interested in continuing our trysts, but that flying off the handle like that again would be the end with no going back.
Eight hours later I hear back from him that he wants to continue as well…we are working out schedules now, but in a week or so we’ll meet again.  And oh yes, I did do a happy dance when he responded.

Image: via Pexels.com Creative Commons License

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