Terminator: Epilogue

Terminator: Epilogue

It was very late. I was listening to music and trying to write, but I couldn’t get the Terminator out of my head. I would banish him and he would return to my thoughts like smoke into a room. I thought of the look on his face when I went back to the bedroom after getting dressed. Silhouetted in the semi-darkness, his lean muscular frame was tense, his expression serious. Like he was working very hard to hold everything in.

I was worried. At least that’s what I told myself when I emailed him. I wrote a short note asking if he was ok and advising that he take care of himself. I said I wasn’t trying to start anything, that I meant what I said about not seeing him again, and pressed send.

Hmmmm too bad was hoping you were starting something ….But i’m ok and taking care of myself having you one last time makes it difficult not to call you especially after not having you for so long…But i understand and wish you all the best in your relationship.

I didn’t see this response and he called me the next day at around 9:30 in the morning. I was still having coffee. “Hello,” I said, smiling. I was shocked and delighted.
“Hello,” he said, smiling back (I could hear it in his voice).

“Why are you calling me? I shouldn’t be talking to you,” I said. My voice was soft and intimate, the  opposite of what I was saying.
“I want to see you,” he said. All my nerve endings were tingling.

He told me he was responding to my email, and that he wanted to see me again, that things felt unresolved and he was still trying to process the idea of ending us after being apart for so long. We talked for a while, and the last thing he said was, “When you get here we’ll talk and you see how sincere I am.” Yeah. sincerely horny. But so am I. We made a date for the next day.

He was dressed when I arrived, but not for long. We chatted as we walked up the stairs to the bedroom, and the minute my coat was off we embraced in a long and playful kiss. He bites my lip softly, licking and dragging his teeth across it. He covered my neck in kisses, as he lay me down and undressed me.

He stood over me, looking into my eyes. Happiness. Sadness. Tenderness. He looked at my nude body, far from perfect, but seemingly made for him. He bent and slid his smooth cheek along my inner thigh on his way to my pussy. His tongue slid softly into me. He teased me softly with his tongue drawing slow circles around my clit softly then increasing the pressure, bringing me to the brink of release, then subsiding and increasing until I was so wet I could feel my juice traveling down to my ass. Finally, his tongue led me over the brink, and I humped against his mouth, holding his head, my whole body convulsing.

He lay down next to me and held me and kissed me and caressed me before turning me over and beginning to lick my pussy again and moving to my ass. (to be continued)


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