More Thursday Afternoon Terminator

More Thursday Afternoon Terminator

He slid his 10+ inches (I think it’s closer to 12), into my tight, wet pussy.

That moment of connection is always sublime when he pushes his cock into me up to the hilt and stops, holy mother, we both moan from the pure deliciousness. We look at each other and start fucking slowly, melting into each other with the intense pleasure, rocking a rhythm we’re not even aware of.  As I tighten around him and he pulses inside me, I want him deep inside me, deeper than he’s going right now and I grab his ass so that with each thrust I push him deeper into me while greedily thrusting up to meet him. It is sooo good, my pussy clenches around him and I start getting I feel him hitting me deep inside, and I’m almost at that delicious point, but it’s just out of reach. Just when I want it harder, he pulls almost all the way out, leaving just his tip in. I groan in protest, looking down at his gorgeous glistening tool, and I want it back where it belongs, deep inside me. I squirm under him.

“You want it deeper baby?” he asks, kissing the protest from my lips, biting me, biting and licking my neck. “Mmmmm yes, yes,” I whisper, panting, licking his neck, biting his lip. I can feel his pulse beating in my pussy, his head throbbing. He waits, while I whimper, and bite him, moaning for more, but all he does is smile that lazy smile.  He doesn’t move.

Then he slams into me, and I scream, oh god, yes (slam) yes (slam) yes (slam) — hitting that spot deep inside me that launches my squirting and delicious orgasms and on occasion both simultaneously. Like now. With each thrust, my pussy closes around him like a vise, and I ride and pump the luscious wave of intensity thrusting back at him until it subsides. He softens his stroke and shifts somehow and the pressure on my clit explodes into another series of  shivery orgasms that take me by surprise. He holds me close, rocking against me (and still inside me) until they subside.

He is still hard, still inside me. Still thrusting. It’s still delicious, tight, wet, and neither of us has had enough. We’re insatiable together, no matter how often or how hard we come.  I close my eyes, carried away by the sensation and we curl around each other, thrusting against each other moaning, grunting in pleasure. He kisses me hungrily and I whisper: “Hurt me.”

He turns me over, but I’m all twitchy and can barely turn over. While I’m still on my side, he shoves up behind me and slides into me from behind, and starts to pump me like a man possessed. His thrusts conquer me with that intoxicating combination of pleasure and pain that I had never known until I met him. He pounded me into another amazing climax, and as I thrust against him greedy for it, I thought it was possible we could hurt each other or die from the intensity.

We lay in a tangle of  limbs and sweat and sheets. We slept.  There is nothing like that sleep after sexual exhaustion.

I woke up to the sensation of him tracing lazy circles around my belly button with his finger.  We smiled. I stretched under his hands. He started to put another condom on, and I said, “Oh no,” because I was incredulous. “Oh yes,” he replied, sliding his cock into me in one smooth delicious thrust.
“Do you really think you can walk away from this, from us after six months?” he asked. In response, my pussy grabbed him and my hips tilted up to his. My brain could form only one thought. More.

Image: Screenshot of gif ©sexxxtasy via tumblr.


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    September 30, 2013 at 11:51 pm

    This is amazingly hot. Thank you.

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