Thursday Afternoon Terminator

Thursday Afternoon Terminator

When I got home after our last tryst, it hurt to sit down.

Now that I’m in a relationship and no longer a threat to his agenda, Terminator is much more unguarded and expressive than before. He answers texts and calls immediately and makes himself available within 24-hours if necessary. This was unheard of before. He is also sweet, affectionate and funny in texts and calls, in stark contrast to the laconic, humorless style of communicating he uses to fend off emotional involvement. It’s like night and day, and I realized just how much he has been hiding.

He met me at the door with his lop-sided smile and a weariness around the eyes. “What’s the matter?” I asked.
“I was out late last night, I didn’t get enough sleep,” he says, helping me off with my coat.
“Why didn’t you tell me, we could have rescheduled,” I say. Like Hell.

“I wanted to see you,” he says and takes me in his arms for a big hug.

Hugging the Terminator is like petting a killer shark. Chances are he will overpower and devour you.  But he was all sweetness and affection, squeezing canoodling and in short, being the sweet and affectionate guy he really is. Even though I knew that sweetness was there, it’s still a surprise to see it. He is usually so guarded.

In the bedroom, he lay me down and undressed me as if he was unwrapping a mystery. Slowly, carefully, watching me intently, with a serious expression on his face. He lay next to me and we kissed, and our bodies automatically tangled around each other like two vines. There wasn’t a molecule of air between us. The kisses, soft, sweet and intimate, feel different. I’m not in the kiss. I’m aware of it, and that tells me I’ve changed somehow. But I still want him.

He starts kissing my breasts and nipples, my stomach and worked his way down to my pussy, where he landed with a vengeance.  I don’t know how many times I came, or how long he enjoyed me, but I was a quivering mess when he was done. No, he gave me seizures. Just wave after wave of pleasure, but so soft and sweet it was…beautiful.

By the time he slid is perfect cock into me, I was dying to be fucked, and not sweetly. (continued)


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