A New Kind of Love

A New Kind of Love

I remember the exact moment that I felt Mr. Jones had filled my heart and soul so deeply that there was no point in continuing fucking the Terminator or anyone else. Mr. Jones made every other man irrelevant with his dick and his heart.

I had spent a transformative weekend with Mr. Jones, being loved, cherished and taken care of in a way that I had never experienced before. Just being together is like a drug. We can curl up together on a sofa or a bed and inhale each other, and caress each other for hours — for days and barely need food, our contentment is so complete.

That weekend I realized how his love, friendship, and emotional support had sparked my dormant creativity. I was full of ideas and strategies for stalled projects and found solutions for problems that I hadn’t been able to figure out. I was stupidly surprised, and on my way home that weekend, I realized that it was Mr. Jones’s unconditional love and support — something I had never experienced – that had sparked my creativity. Love, a supportive environment, and complete acceptance had nurtured my creativity in a way that shocked me. Love, just love made so much possible. I had no idea. My heart turned over, and I cried.

There was no way I would meet the Terminator that week, as planned. Just the thought of it was like “what the hell am I doing?” I have no need or desire to see him — the depth and power of Mr. Jones’s love just canceled everything and everyone else out. I really didn’t want to see Terminator again and didn’t even plan a last meeting.

Of course. I would always remember the Terminator and his…assets. But it couldn’t compare, not even come close to what I have with Mr. Jones. There’s no contest.

But even I couldn’t quite believe I could give up the Cock of the Century so suddenly and completely. I waited. Two, almost three weeks. I was done. Yes, I was sentimental about him, could probably cry about him if  I put some effort into it, but I didn’t want to fuck him or be with him. I was head-over-heels in love, which was the last thing I wanted or expected when all this began. But it’s so sweet and so beautiful.

Image: by Alejandra Quiroz via Unsplash.com CC0

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