Terminator’s Wrath III – Punishment

Terminator’s Wrath III – Punishment

The restraints were expensive, thick well-made black leather with a heavy chain; the tools of an experienced…practitioner.

I recalled a conversation we had months ago during which he had revealed to me that he had under-bed restraints that he used occasionally, and he also mentioned using a harness at one point. When I asked to see them, he laughed it off, telling me that we didn’t need any of that.

As I wait for him to slap the cuffs on my other thigh (mid-thigh) and wrist, my heart is beating a mile a minute. His eyes hold my gaze for a moment and then travel down my body, drinking in the sight of me bound. I yank my wrists up to test the restraints and my knees are pulled higher on either side of me, opening and exposing my pussy further and arching my back.
He moves back to look at me. I am prostrate in front of him, my legs bent and open, my pussy front and center, like an offering. He strokes his cock absentmindedly as he stares at me. His face is inscrutable. But his cock. I’m stunned. It’s longer and thicker (holy Mary mother of god) so purple and engorged it seems about to explode. I look from it to him in fearful excitement. He watches me with hooded eyes, slowly stroking himself. I’m slightly unnerved.
But. I want that monster inside me as soon as possible. I want that cock to split me in two and kill me. My horny gaze traveled up its dark engorged length and up to his face.
I felt a response deep in my pussy and I must have moved because I was surprised by the hard yank of the restraints on my arms and legs.
Amusement flashed in his face as he leaned in to lie on top of me, placing his cock between my wet pussy lips. I could feel it throbbing against me. I rocked my hips against him without even realizing I was doing it, stroking myself against his engorged cock, and he rubbed the length of it against me sloooooowly, killing me with it. He stroked my engorged clit and I moaned and yanked my restraints when I involuntarily started to embrace him. He laughed and kept stroking me. I could only lie there and writhe against him, my heart pounding in fear and excitement.

Every time I moved the restraints yanked me back, but he kept slowly stroking my pussy with his cock until I was moaning for it. I tried to outsmart the restraints and  embrace him with both my arms and legs and he stopped stroking me and knelt up. “I told you not to move.” Deadly serious. I saw a flash of anger
in his eyes. I became very still and he thrust that glistening engorged cock so hard and so deep he literally fucked the air out of my lungs. But my pussy, the horny bitch, started rocking against him immediately. But the restraints bit into my leg and wrist, and his thrusts soon immobilized me. His cock was so engorged and he was fucking me so hard that I could only lie there and take it, which is just what he wanted. My pussy loved it, because all she ever wants is cock, and the more the better.

I was caught between the merciless fuck Terminator was unleashing on me and the iron grip of the restraints. I was helpless as he viciously rammed me, making my pussy close around him. As he pummeled me I could feel every ridge and vein sliding against my tight juicy walls, driving me wild. He thrust hard, claiming and punishing me. My arms and legs strained against the cuffs in horny delight, to no avail. I was immobilized.

Soon the whisper of pain deep inside turned into an uncontrollable tidal wave of pleasure that exploded and convulsed me until I was screaming, pumping against him rattling the restraints. He didn’t stop, but after I came (squirting all over the place, he slowed, softened his stroke and slipped a hand under my ass, squeezing me hard. He was still fucking me, and even as my pussy was settling down from the first orgasm, he slowly slipped two fingers up my ass. I gasped in surprise, but it felt sooooo good. I bit his shoulder (his hands were on either side of me anchoring him) and panted “deeper.”  I am such a greedy slut. I wanted him to fill me up and fuck me into oblivion. I was all sensation, my entire awareness was focused on our bodies and how delicious it felt to have him everywhere. Nirvana. He wanted me to beg him to stop? He was going to have to kill me.

“Don’t stop,” I begged as he pumped in tight, staying deep inside me, his pelvis squashing my clit, his cock stroking that spot deep in my pussy that belonged only to him. He twisted his fingers in my ass. “Never,” he panted. I started squirting, because I felt wetness beneath us, and the head of his cock, in that place, stroking, making me loose my mind. I started convulsing again so strongly I thought my back would break from the strain. He stilled, staying inside me until I stopped. Then he continued. I was so wet our thighs were slick. he slipped all the way out of me, and he stopped.

I lay there twitching as he reached over to the nightstand to grab what I thought was a bottle of water. His cock was still hard as a rock and shiny slick with my juices. When he turned back toward me he was holding a but plug. I stopped breathing. The look on his face stopped me from saying a word.

He closed my legs to my knees were together and I was no on my side with my knees bent and my wrists chained to them. Curved around me, he easily slipped the dildo up my ass (it was like four inches) and then held me around the waist and slipped his still hard cock inside my pussy from behind. Holy DP I was in heaven. He had one hand around my neck and the other around my waist while he started pumping slowly, every thrust hitting the butt plug as well. It was so delicious I was trying to writhe around his cock, but I could barely move. I  and lay there in a curve on my side, being pounded and squirting, until I started to come again, so hard I thought my pussy was going to turn in on itself, I was howling, with it, and Terminator started pounding me again, fucking like a man possessed, moaning at the way I was clenching him, like a seizure, pounding me until we were both covered in sweat and screaming like beasts, coming and coming and coming.

Did I pass out? Did he? We woke up simultaneously, about an hour later. He unwrapped himself from me and took out the plug, unlocked the restraints and gave me a massage to help me stretch. I smiled and teased him. “I thought I was going to have to beg you to stop.”

“I think it’s time to stop when we both pass out,” he smirked. “But if you want more, there is always more, he said grabbing me and biting my ass.

“No, no, get away!” I laughed but I was kind of freaked out. In that moment I felt that if we kept fucking we would kill each other. I can’t explain it; the intensity is just…consuming.

He held me in his arms, stroking my hair and the room darkened as afternoon turned to evening. Suddenly, I realized that I couldn’t see him again, in spite of the near-death sex. It was as if all the orgasms had blasted some insight into my brain.

Whether or not it worked out with J , this whole thing with Terminator was my destructive pattern. I would continue fucking and hanging around half -hoping there would be the possibility of a relationship and long-term exclusive near-death sex. It was always in the back of my mind, even though I loved J so much. What if. Terminator liked me a lot, maybe even loved me a little, but he wasn’t capable of more than he was giving me right now. To move forward I had to let go. No one was more surprised than I was.


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