Merciless II

Merciless II

After showering and having something to eat, Terminator took me back upstairs and chained me up. He told me to relax, that he would be working downstairs and would be back later “to punish you again.”

“You promise?” I asked.

He didn’t respond but shot me a look that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, in fear and anticipation. He left and I sat on the bed, wondering what would happen next. My ass hurt from the spanking, and I knew there would be more. I lay back on the pillows and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Little kisses and soft bites and licks down my back, mmmmmm when I wake up.

“Wake up, pussycat,” he says.

“I’m awake,” I say, turning toward him. He playfully plants kisses and bites over my stomach and breasts. We laugh and he lays in between my legs with his head on my stomach for a little while.  When he stands up his playfulness has evaporated. His face is serious. Dark. He looks at me for a long moment. Then he holds out his hand. “Come on,” he says.

I get up and take his hand, my heart pounding. He walks me to the chair next to the window, a bergère. He turns it to face away from me and bends me over the back of it. He ties my arms to the padded arms of the chair and as he does this I feel his monster erection brush against me.

He walks away and I feel the cold air hit my pussy and ass, and I shiver a little. I’m afraid. I’m excited. The blindfold heightens my other senses. I hear my heartbeat, feel my pulse in my pussy, the pull of my muscles and the cool air are all more intense than they would normally be.

When he returns he cuffs my ankles to a spreader pole. One ankle to each end of the pole, designed to keep my bent form accessible and visible, and also preventing me from responding or resisting to anything he had planned. I feel totally exposed and a little off-balance. I thought of his cock. Oh, joy.

I feel his warm fingers stroking my pussy and ass with something slick. I twitch slightly.

“Coconut Oil,” he says. Ah. My lube of choice.

“Thank you, Master,” I say. That cock. Please.

“Do you know why I’m punishing you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Because you’re leaving me,” he says. And I can tell from his voice that he means it.

I feel him behind me, but he’s not doing anything, just standing there. My whole body is straining with anticipation, with desire, but I can’t move. I listen. I wait. I want.

His hand grabs a handful of my ass and squeezes so hard that I yelp. Then I feel his cock, the tip of his cock, stroking the length of my pussy, softly. So softly. I moan.

“You’re a horny pussy, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Master”

Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke stroke, stroke. Oh god. Strooooke stroke, stroke stroke stroooooke. 

“You want cock, don’t you, pussy?”

“Yes, Master. Please.”  seriously, fuck me now because I —

Then he presses in, his slick head against my oiled clit, then circles and — I’m panting, moaning and flexing my knees trying to get more. More pressure, more pleasure, more cock, More.

Then he crouches down and I feel his hot tongue lick the back of my leg from ankle to knee. I gasp in surprise. My clit is throbbing. He kisses and licks the crease at the back of my knee until my leg feels like fire and I’m shaking. Then his tongue continues up the back of my leg to my ass cheek, which he bites so hard that I yelp in pain. He does the same thing to my other leg, and I’m shaking.

Then his lips sink into my sweet wet pussy, kissing and tonguing her with such tenderness that I would sink to my knees if I wasn’t bound. I can barely move in response to his sublime attention, and it’s killing me. I’m sure that’s the point.

I feel his tongue dance deep inside me, making me strain against the restraints, which makes him intensify the pressure until I’m moaning and pushing my pussy against his face, chasing that delight, that stroke, oh yes, and then he slides out of my pussy to my clit, which has come out to play. He licks her softly and swirls his tongue around her and I’m sobbing it’s so good, my legs straining, beads of sweat breaking out all over me,

I can feel my clit throbbing and erect, demanding relief, and I’m whimpering, trying to ride his face, his tongue, anything, anything to come, to feed that little beast. My pussy is so ready she’s clenching, squeezing a cock that isn’t there.

He stops tonguing me when my clit stands up. I can feel his hand on my leg, his thumb pressing in on my glute muscle, his breath on my pussy. He stopped and left me in limbo, incredibly aroused, shaking with it, panting for it, dripping for it and totally under his control.

“Pussy, what do you want?”


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