The Door


Soft. Warm. Wet. Heat. Pleasure…waves of pleasure. More softness, soft wetness, soft flicking, butterfly pressure…heat. Pleasure. Waves of pleasure.

Pure sensation. Suspended in a haze of sensation just beneath full consciousness, pleasure cradles me. That swollen throb of pleasure, that hot itch of desire dissolves into hot wetness as I float on his tongue, pressing against it, seeking the pleasure of that pressure, that friction, that…more, more.

Slowly, the pleasure lifts me into more awareness. Soft pillows and cool sheets surround me. The sole of my foot feels warm smooth skin and muscle. I barely perceive the puzzle of this as that butterfly softness brings me into sharp awareness of my pussy. The butterfly is in my pussy and it’s no butterfly. The pleasure breaks over me again and I become aware of my legs, tensing in response, and Terminator’s head between them, my foot on him as he pursues the delicacies of my clit, and tortures my sweet spot.

I push against his tongue in the throes of greedy pleasure, my back arched as release floods through me. I explode into full consciousness grunting, grinding and screaming, practically fucking his face as I come.

I lie heaving and shaking, my knees akimbo, staring at the ceiling.  I feel Terminator slide off the bed and disappear. He returns and starts cleaning me with a hot washcloth, and the sublime feeling makes elicits a moan of appreciation.

“You were supposed to let me nap undisturbed,” I say (yeah, right). I shake my head at him.

“You looked so sweet and angelic sleeping there, I couldn’t help it,” he jokes.

I actually cackle at this. Sleeping in a naked sprawl on his bed, I may bring many things to mind, but angels ain’t one of them.

He slides next to me on the bed, knocking pillows this way and that. Where did they come from, I wonder.

“I did let you sleep,” says Terminator.

I arch an eyebrow at him.

“Four hours,” he says as if in pain.

“Was it that hard?” I ask.

“You don’t know,” he responds.

I feel it. His desire, our desire swirls around us like a mist. Just being in the same room with him is enough to pop my nipples and make my pussy gooey with anticipation. I can’t explain it anymore than he can explain his nearly constant erection around me.

I close my eyes. We bathed. He bathed me. Tended to my bruises and welts. Washed my hair. Gave me a hot oil massage and put me to bed so I could rest before returning home. The last thing I recall before falling asleep is him surrounding me with fluffy pillows, because I told him my bruises and welts were hurting. Then the oral surprise.

We lay facing each other, perfectly still, not touching, just gazing at each other.

I touched his cheek and kissed him lightly on the mouth. “It’s time,” I say softly.

I get out of bed and head to the bathroom. When I glance over my shoulder he is lying on his back staring at the ceiling. Part of me hopes he will profess undying love and demand that we try a real relationship. Just for a moment.

I splash cold water on my face, adjust my hair and am putting on lipstick when he taps on the door. “I’ll see you downstairs,” he says.

My heart.

I dress quickly (red sundress, black wedges) and as I turn to get my bag and phone I see a beautiful square gift box wrapped in pink and gold paper with a pink bow on the nightstand. Taped to the box is a small square envelope with my name on it. I pick it up and immediately I know what it is. I can’t believe it. I pick up my purse and head downstairs.

Terminator is at the foot of the stairs, his eyes moving over every inch of me as I descend.

“That dress.” he says.

“What’s this?” I ask, indicating the box.

“A token.”

“How did you figure it out?” I ask.

“Research.” he smiles.

We’re at the entryway, the door in front of us, a mirror and table on our right and a small bench against the wall on our left. I turn to check my reflection in the mirror and adjust my dress.

“I called a car for you,” he says. “It’ll be here in a few minutes.”

“Ok, thanks,” I say, still fixing my hair. I look up at him and our eyes meet in the mirror, and there is a blaze of heat. I lower my gaze and turn toward the door, but he grabs my hand. The minute our fingers touch, I know. I turn toward him and walk into his embrace.

“Kiss me goodbye,” he whispers into my neck.

The kiss detonates our desire instantly. I feel my pussy melt in response, i feel his hard cock against me and we are, in seconds, completely and mindlessly hungry for each other.

I’m against the front door, he has slipped the dress off my shoulders onto the floor and I kicked it away. He tears my lace panties off like fluff, grabs my leg and lifts it to his waist and slides into my desperate, twitching pussy to the hilt. Glory hallelujah.

“Oh, yes I moan, shifting to get him deeper inside my hot wetness.

There is a honk outside. Then another.

We grind hard into each other in delicious urgency, straining for deeper harder, but silent fuck. I bite his lip in delicious agony, getting his cock just so far but not far enough inside me. I’m whimpering in frustration. His fingers are digging into my thigh so hard his hand feels like iron.

He rears back and plunges deep into me, squashing my ass against the door and almost lifting me off the floor. But he hits it, that spot in my pussy where I need him to stroke, and it’s so good and wet and slick, he’s banging me against the door, ha-ha and we’re moaning grunting like two beasts chasing that sweet, hot wet release.

Knock knock knock

“Hello? Tri-boro Car Service. Picking up a fare for Manhattan.”

Knock knock knock

I felt the door vibrate against my ass. We were so insane for each other, we didn’t stop fucking. Terminator picked up my other leg and continued pounding me against the door a few times.

Knock knock knock


We keep fucking. It’s too good to stop. We can feel the guy listening, but We don’t care. Terminator pounds me against the door, and I’m in heaven, I forget there’s someone on the other side and I’m moaning and grunting freely.

Knock knock knock.

“We’ll be right out,” Terminator growled.

We sink to the floor to the sound of receding footsteps, and Terminator stays inside me, continuing his delicious pounding of me as he lifts my legs over his shoulders to get as deep inside me as he can. He continues pounding me and I start squirting.

Even as I moan in pleasure and pull him deeper inside me, even as my pussy convulses in delicious hunger around his hot shaft, I can’t believe we’re fucking in his entryway and I’m on the floor on my back totally naked, heels to the ceiling. And I don’t care. All I care about is that his huge gorgeous cock hit that spot deep inside my pussy, and that he keep hitting it until I explode all over him in convulsive ecstasy.

We come screaming, my knees next to my ears and his huge cock tight inside me thrusting in orgasmic spasms.

More honking.

He slides out of me, helps me to my feet and I run to the bathroom to clean up. I run down again and he helps me into my dress. and hands me my things. “These are mine,” he says, picking up my black lace panties off the floor.

We walk out to the car together and he goes to the driver’s window and speaks to him briefly. I see my reflection in the car window and see that my hair looks like I just got laid.

Terminator comes back to me and opens the car door for me. We laugh at the spectacle we just made, and kiss on the cheek.

“Are you sure you want to end this?” He asks as I step into the car.

Patterns. And so.

“Yes I’m sure.” I replay.

“Good luck. Be Happy,” he says.

“You too.”

He closes the door.

My heart.

When the car reaches the end of his tree-lined block, I turn to look out the back window, and I see him standing in the middle of the street, watching after me.

As we drive off  I finally allow myself to cry.

The Gift

From the first time we met Terminator remarked on my perfume and how much he liked it. I never share the name or brand, because it’s my thing. He kept guessing and guessing, wrongly the whole time we were together. Somehow he figured it out because in the box was a large bottle of my favorite perfume, which is about $120. The card said “Always here for you with Love.” and his signature.
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Terminator’s Wrath II – The Sweet Spot

He licked me while I came hard onto his face, moaning, rocking and pushing into his mouth until came hard, holding his head so his tongue could get deep inside me.
He stayed between my thighs and immediately started licking me again. slow dirty licks that covered my pussy from top to bottom. How nice, I thought, relaxing into it. Then I remembered.

I have a sweet spot. If done properly, stimulation of this spot can drive me out of my mind with pleasure. Terminator discovered it (of course) soon after we met; not an inch of my body has escaped his lustful attention. It’s to the right of my clit, at about 2 o’clock position. just inside my labia. A little area the size of a quarter or half-dollar that turns me into a wet and horny multi-orgasmic bitch in heat.
Stroking softly but firmly (it’s a delicate balance) with his tongue or his finger just on that juicy spot causes a divinely itchy horny orgasmic sensation so urgent and delicious all I want is more and to come. The harder and faster the stroking, the wetter, the hornier I become, with an insanely delicious itch to be scratched in that spot, continuously, god, yes, yes yes.

Stroking it causes arousal and orgasm at the same time. Wave after wave of seizure-like orgasms roll through me that are incredibly powerful. Sometimes I need to fuck immediately afterward because my pussy convulses so hard it’s painful until she gets fucked.

The Terminator’s tongue was on my sweet spot, killing me with short, hard strokes while he teased my clit with his other hand. His mouth didn’t move from my pussy; His stroking tongue felt so good I was gasping, grunting. I opened my legs wider, grinding against his tongue, and that sweet, hot, itchy friction (stroke-stroke-stroke) that then turned into shaking shuddering convulsions. And when he fingered my clit as I came, I screamed so loud I thought I would bring down the rafters.
I was so wet my that moisture spread down to my thighs. Terminator’s tongue didn’t stop stroking, not for a second. “No, please,” I pleaded. It was too intense. I thought maybe I could have an actual seizure. He didn’t even look up.

He kept tonguing my little sweet spot and I couldn’t think straight, fuck it felt so good. I was so wet and juicy I could tell his face was drenched with me. My hips started meeting the stroke, pushing against it, wanting it harder, omg my clit was so swollen – harder, yes, yes yes. I opened for him like a bitch in heat. My hand moved to the back of his neck so I could rub, and grind, and get that-stroke-that stroke-that stroke, yes yes yes yes YES [insert bestial scream here].

He didn’t stop when I came the first time, or the third time, or the sixth time. He would stop the stroke for a minute or so  and then increase the intensity, licking my sweet spot hard, steadily, relentlessly until I was shoving my pussy hard toward that delicious friction until that sweet stroke was all I cared about and everything I wanted. I shoved my pussy harder into his face, grinding clit into his face, and I felt one of his fingers (or two) slide inside me. Oh fuck yes! And when he started stroking my g-spot, I started howling. Yes, howling.  The convulsions began again. I lost count of how many times I came, but Terminator tightened his hold on me, so he wouldn’t kick or shove him off me in the throes of orgasm.

His hands felt like iron but his tongue was a soft sweet torture. I don’t know how many more times I came with his mouth welded to that spot, but I had my thighs around his head, screaming don’t stop, out of my mind because I don’t give a fuck I just want to come as hard as much as possible, when all of a sudden he stops. I’m so focused on my pussy that I’m about to put my hands on my spot myself when he stops me. I look at him like, “you’re kidding, right? I need to come.”
He looks at me, his face covered with my juice and his face slightly amused. He takes his dick in his hands as if to remind me, and strokes himself slowly as he looks at me and says quietly: “Spread your legs and bend your knees.”  I can’t take my eyes off of his tool, which is the biggest I’ve ever seen it. I’m scared and excited, scared mostly at his demeanor.

He gets up from the bed and goes to get something from a drawer. And this is when I realize that he really is going to tie me up. Or tie me down as he says. Which is dominant as fuck because most people say tie you up. Tying someone down is about immobilizing them and controlling them. I trust Terminator, but I’m wondering how upset with me he is.

When he comes back, he has two sets black cuffs in his hands, each chained to a strap. I try not to freak out.  He puts the end of the strap around my thigh and the cuff chained to it around my wrist. The chain in between is around three inches long.

Coming soon: Terminator’s Wrath III: Punishment

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Reunited: Heat Advisory

He opened the door wrapped in a towel. I laughed, but his serious gaze silenced me as he pulled me inside and shut the door behind me. I was about to say something but his mouth landed on mine and crushed the words out of me.

The hot intensity of his kisses literally took my breath away. He crushed me against his bare chest with one hand and tore my dress off with the other. He was practically lifting me off the floor, as he whipped me around towards the bedroom.

“Baby — ” but his kisses burned my words away. Soft tongue…hot and tender lips conveyed his intention to fuck seriously and immediately.

I’m not sure how I landed on the bed, but suddenly his mouth left mine, and I watched, kind of stunned and increasingly excited as he ripped (and I mean ripped) my panties off (my favorite violet lace! ) and tossed them across the bedroom, then dove face first into my pussy. I screamed. His mouth landing on me like that was a shock. But then…

He melted me with his hunger and tenderness. His tongue and lips spoke to me, loved me, aroused me and caressed me. Everything he didn’t say in words he was saying with his insistent tongue, his warm and tender lips. He missed me, he was dying for me. He was drinking me in like water in the desert.

I stroked his head between my legs as his tongue brought me closer and closer to nirvana…but he held me there not letting me come until I was groaning in protest, straining against him. He slid up my trembling body and kissed me, deeply. I could taste myself on his lips, which drives me crazy. I was humping him and I felt his engorged cock against my wet pussy. I could feel his pulse against my clit.

He broke the kiss and looked at me. “What?” he whispered into my ear. He kissed my neck and started pinching one of my nipples, almost making me come again. I was rubbing against him and I was so hot that we were both wet and I could feel my distended clit pulsating. I was right on the edge and he was fucking with me, not fucking me, and not letting me come. Had he said something? “Hm?” I asked, because who could talk?

“What?” he whispered. I was practically coming already, trying to get him inside me, but he kept dodging me.

He stopped pinching my nipple and started sucking it very, very softly. Ohmygod. “Fuck me,” I moaned. “Please.”

And then he rammed his beautiful cock slowly into me, and I started coming almost immediately, grabbing his ass, because I wanted him deep, deep inside me when my pussy went into convulsions. Then he started slamming me mercilessly, savagely, hurting me, using me, claiming me, punishing me. Even in the blaze of desire I understood what he was saying. I had been absent too long.

He thrust harder and deeper than he ever had before, and every thrust made my pussy close around him like a velvet glove, driving us both wild. It was like we couldn’t fuck hard enough or deep enough. He threw my legs over his shoulders so he could hit me more deeply, and we became frenzied, (I realized I still had my heels on), thrusting at each other like beasts, screaming and grunting until we both came like tornadoes, thrusting, hitting and convulsing.

Five hours later

It’s dark. The bed looks like a storm hit, and we are tangled together in the middle of it, naked and covered in sweat.  “Don’t leave me again.” He says when he catches his breath.
“Never,” I say. I mean it. I lean in to smell the scent of his skin. Mmmmmm. I’m drunk from him, dazed and unquestionably in love.I’m speaking to, I am in bed with J. my boyfriend. The summer was full of surprises.



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