Every time I breathed, the chains rubbed against my clit and my ass, arousing me, torturing me. When the dildo starts pulsing inside of me, I gasp in surprise, and start tense up. I’m lying in the fetal position with my hands cuffed behind me, and Terminator senses my fear. Of the intensity. He’s lying next to me, facing me and he leans in. “Let go,” he whispers in my ear. “Give in to it.” I lift my face to the sound of his voice and he gives me a deep, hot kiss. He moans, then leans back.

He’s stroking my breasts and suddenly pulls and twists my nipple hard enough to make me yelp, and my pussy contracts around the vibrator. My nipples have a direct line to my pussy. I loose myself in the divine sensation, writhing on the pulsating cock as he squeezes and pulls my nipple, making me moan with with with pleasure. The chains are stroking me with every move I make, giving me a delicious arousal. I writhed on the bed, drowning in all the sensation.

Terminator turns up the throb on the vibrator and its sooo good,  I’m moaning and whimpering and humping the fuck out of vibrator. Terminator is still tormenting both my nipples now, enjoying the effect it has on me. This is one thing he hadn’t discovered. He is so pussy-centric. He, plays with me, increasing and decreasing the pressure, sucking and biting them until I’m a moaning squirming writhing mess, coming and squirting all over the bed.

With each tug and twist of my nipples, my pussy convulses, and I’m having wave upon wave of orgasmic bliss, because the chains continue to stroke my clit and my ass. I’m sobbing and screaming, coming non-stop, and then he leans in and slides a finger up my ass. I start convulsing, and coming so hard I’m afraid my pussy is going to pop out. He removes his finger, kisses me again until I start calming down.  He stroking my stomach and feels my pussy still in spasms, so he opens my legs places his palm on my pussy, covering the dildo, and presses hard into my wet softness. This will calm her down. I don’t know how he knows this, but he does.

I feel him leaning over me, and feel his breath on my cheek. “You’re so beautiful when you come,” he says. “A total animal.” He licks my neck and his teeth suck me hard. He quietly unchains the dildo and slides it slowly out of me, My thighs, the bed are soaked. He releases me from the handcuffs and removes the blindfold. I squint at him because the light hurts my eyes.

“Hey beautiful,” he says.

I can barely speak, but I give him a beatific smile.

“Hello, Master,” I purr.

Terminator’s Wrath II – The Sweet Spot

He licked me while I came hard onto his face, moaning, rocking and pushing into his mouth until came hard, holding his head so his tongue could get deep inside me.
He stayed between my thighs and immediately started licking me again. slow dirty licks that covered my pussy from top to bottom. How nice, I thought, relaxing into it. Then I remembered.

I have a sweet spot. If done properly, stimulation of this spot can drive me out of my mind with pleasure. Terminator discovered it (of course) soon after we met; not an inch of my body has escaped his lustful attention. It’s to the right of my clit, at about 2 o’clock position. just inside my labia. A little area the size of a quarter or half-dollar that turns me into a wet and horny multi-orgasmic bitch in heat.
Stroking softly but firmly (it’s a delicate balance) with his tongue or his finger just on that juicy spot causes a divinely itchy horny orgasmic sensation so urgent and delicious all I want is more and to come. The harder and faster the stroking, the wetter, the hornier I become, with an insanely delicious itch to be scratched in that spot, continuously, god, yes, yes yes.

Stroking it causes arousal and orgasm at the same time. Wave after wave of seizure-like orgasms roll through me that are incredibly powerful. Sometimes I need to fuck immediately afterward because my pussy convulses so hard it’s painful until she gets fucked.

The Terminator’s tongue was on my sweet spot, killing me with short, hard strokes while he teased my clit with his other hand. His mouth didn’t move from my pussy; His stroking tongue felt so good I was gasping, grunting. I opened my legs wider, grinding against his tongue, and that sweet, hot, itchy friction (stroke-stroke-stroke) that then turned into shaking shuddering convulsions. And when he fingered my clit as I came, I screamed so loud I thought I would bring down the rafters.
I was so wet my that moisture spread down to my thighs. Terminator’s tongue didn’t stop stroking, not for a second. “No, please,” I pleaded. It was too intense. I thought maybe I could have an actual seizure. He didn’t even look up.

He kept tonguing my little sweet spot and I couldn’t think straight, fuck it felt so good. I was so wet and juicy I could tell his face was drenched with me. My hips started meeting the stroke, pushing against it, wanting it harder, omg my clit was so swollen – harder, yes, yes yes. I opened for him like a bitch in heat. My hand moved to the back of his neck so I could rub, and grind, and get that-stroke-that stroke-that stroke, yes yes yes yes YES [insert bestial scream here].

He didn’t stop when I came the first time, or the third time, or the sixth time. He would stop the stroke for a minute or so  and then increase the intensity, licking my sweet spot hard, steadily, relentlessly until I was shoving my pussy hard toward that delicious friction until that sweet stroke was all I cared about and everything I wanted. I shoved my pussy harder into his face, grinding clit into his face, and I felt one of his fingers (or two) slide inside me. Oh fuck yes! And when he started stroking my g-spot, I started howling. Yes, howling.  The convulsions began again. I lost count of how many times I came, but Terminator tightened his hold on me, so he wouldn’t kick or shove him off me in the throes of orgasm.

His hands felt like iron but his tongue was a soft sweet torture. I don’t know how many more times I came with his mouth welded to that spot, but I had my thighs around his head, screaming don’t stop, out of my mind because I don’t give a fuck I just want to come as hard as much as possible, when all of a sudden he stops. I’m so focused on my pussy that I’m about to put my hands on my spot myself when he stops me. I look at him like, “you’re kidding, right? I need to come.”
He looks at me, his face covered with my juice and his face slightly amused. He takes his dick in his hands as if to remind me, and strokes himself slowly as he looks at me and says quietly: “Spread your legs and bend your knees.”  I can’t take my eyes off of his tool, which is the biggest I’ve ever seen it. I’m scared and excited, scared mostly at his demeanor.

He gets up from the bed and goes to get something from a drawer. And this is when I realize that he really is going to tie me up. Or tie me down as he says. Which is dominant as fuck because most people say tie you up. Tying someone down is about immobilizing them and controlling them. I trust Terminator, but I’m wondering how upset with me he is.

When he comes back, he has two sets black cuffs in his hands, each chained to a strap. I try not to freak out.  He puts the end of the strap around my thigh and the cuff chained to it around my wrist. The chain in between is around three inches long.

Coming soon: Terminator’s Wrath III: Punishment

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Terminator’s Wrath

The reunion (see next post) happened because in late July I lost my mind and broke up with Mr. Jones again. I will spare you the details except to say that I had another anxiety attack after our first anniversary. Deep down I knew that our relationship was reaching a deeper level and I panicked. That’s what happens when you’ve never experienced total and unconditional love. You suspect it. You mistrust it. You’re afraid of it. You think it will destroy you in the end, so you destroy it first.
 Mr. Jones understands me and loves me deeply. He knew what the deal was, and we reconciled after a couple of weeks. As you will see in the post below we are more in love than ever.But first, this happened:
Twenty-four hours after I broke up with Mr. Jones I received an email from the Terminator. When I saw it in my inbox I screamed and laughed out loud. It was very late on a Friday night, I had just come home after a night out and checked my email before going to bed. Ha.The subject line read “missing you.”  The message itself was brief: a picture of his shirtless torso flexing his abs and another of his beautiful erect cock. I thought this was unnecessary. I mean, I wasn’t likely to forget what his cock looked like. And the caption under it: “I hope I’m not still cut off.”
Cocky bastard, I thought then laughed at the unintended pun.The timing was uncanny.  It was as if he had my phone tapped. I didn’t tell him anything about the break-up and yes, I would be fucking him as soon as humanly possible. In my mind, Terminator was the perfect way to launch myself into singlehood and back to Planet Me, where I could fuck anyone I pleased.

As usual, Terminator came to the door freshly bathed and with a towel around his waist. He takes my hand and pulls me inside. We are both smiling and silent as he leads me up the stairs. When we get to the bedroom he takes my bag, tosses it on a chair and begins to undress me. His face is serious, the smile is gone. Desire radiates from him like waves electrified heat. The look on his face astonishes me. Blatant love. Hurt. Anger. I move closer to him and in a flash, all emotion is gone from his face.

He meticulously unbuttons and unzips me until I’m standing naked before him. He lowers his eyes to my dark red toenails and they travel up my tanned legs and along the curve of my hip, to my stomach, breasts and up to my lips and eyes in a lustful caress. His gaze feels like fingertips grazing my skin. I have goosebumps when he embraces me for a deep kiss. But surprise. I can’t kiss him as before because I still had feelings for J. At that point Mr. Jones and I were over. My heart was protesting but I was determined to move on as soon as possible.
If Terminator notices this, he says nothing. He buries his face in the hollow of my throat and guides me towards the bed.

As we sink into the pillows his mouth moves to my breasts, which he teases mercilessly with his tongue and lips as his hand moves to my pussy and softly plays around my clit. I’m lost in the sensations as his head moves down between my legs. His tongue invades me softly but ignites my hunger for more of his mouth, of his tongue, of his cock.  He is kissing, licking and nuzzling the area around my clit, kissing my pussy from north to south but ignoring my increasingly engorged clit. He is interested in the rest of my pussy and when I try to guide his head to my clit grips my wrist hard, so hard I gasp, and moves it away from his head. I’m vaguely aware of his tongue sliding out of me (I try to grind against him but he won’t let me). I feel him watching me and I open my eyes and smile, shoving my pussy in his direction, in case he’s forgotten my clit. My hand is about to go to my rescue, but he stops me. His hands slide under my ass and squeeze hard. “Spread your knees,” he says. I obey. As my pussy spreads beneath him, already wet and swollen from his attention, he gives me a look that excites and frightens me. “I’m going to tie you down and then I’m going to make you come over and over until you beg for mercy. And you will beg. Do you trust me?” He licked me like a lollipop.
I smiled and melted under him. He pinched my ass. “Do you trust me?”
“Yes.”  Whatever, I thought. Just don’t stop licking me.

To be continued


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