After a year away, I’m ecstatic to announce that the Harlotry story will continue starting this weekend! New posts will continue for a while and then (December/January) I’ll start publishing chapters of the novel. I won’t publish the entire novel here but enough to give you an idea of what the story will look like and where it’s headed. When the book is finished it will be available as an e-book and as a paperback. The rest of the publication plan will go forward as I outlined below last year except for one thing: there won’t be a pay wall. Ever.

I’d love your support to help me maintain the site and devote more time to writing it. Because I’ll be self-publishing, your support can help me pay for those expenses (Editing, formatting, designing, the ISBN, printing, etc.).

You can buy me (fuel) a coffee ♥ every once in a while, or use Patreon to send me a donation. Either way, I’ll be eternally grateful for your help. I’m planning special content for supporters to show my appreciation! Supporters will be listed in a special acknowledgments page in the book as well.

I’ve already started updating the site and preparing for the re-launch. I’ve changed the theme and I’m tweaking the design. Please let me know what you think of the changes in the comments!

My year-long hiatus from this project was unplanned but has given me the advantage of distance and perspective that I expect will improve the narrative overall. There are so many stories and I can’t wait to get it out to you.

Since this is a work in progress, I welcome questions from readers — is there something you want to know about in the story? A question or a loose end? Please let me know in the comments, via Twitter or via the contact page. I’ll try to answer it here on the blog or in the published novel.

Photographers and Artists
I would love to feature original erotic art and photography and art with my posts, and I’m looking for contributors. If you’re a photographer or an artist, send me links to your galleries and your contact info through my CONTACT page or through my Twitter or Facebook pages.


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Publishing News

I will publish Adventures in Harlotry  first on-line in blog format, and then I will publish in e-book, audio book, and paperback formats.

This strategy will help me get the story out to readers more quickly, and allow me to partially finance the project through ads, sponsored posts, and a pay wall (later), because food and shelter are a thing.

My  posts from 2012 to the present will remain as “The Harlotry Diary.” The “Harlotry Book” is a fuller version of the story with many more juicy bits, and will begin publishing as chapters (blog posts) at least once a month.

The story will be edited as needed and undergo necessary revisions until I publish it in e-book format. The Book and the Diary will  be combined into one narrative in the e-book and print editions.

After the book is published in all formats, There will be a special-edition hardcover of the Diary with original photography as a coffee-table book.

Your support means that I can maintain this site and spend more time writing this. Thank you so much! ♥♥