The Grind

Loud ringing startles me awake. Terminator is next to me, his arm loosely around my waist. I realize the ringing is coming from my phone on the night table on my side of the bed. I reach over and grab it

“Hello.” My voice is a groggy croak.

“You’re still asleep? My ex-husband. Father of my son.

“What is it?” I ask, trying to sit up.

“Do you know what time it is? he demands, all judgy. He wants to over details of bringing our son home the next day, and we settle things and hang up.

I look out the window. Sunrise? Sunset? Who knew? I’m on Planet Cock where there’s only one kind of time. Fuck Standard Time. Don’t pester me with stupid earthly concepts.

So thirsty. My throat feels like sandpaper. I reach for the bottle of water on the table and chug down almost half of the large bottle. Seduction requires wine; sex requires water.

I turn to look at Terminator and he’s lying there watching me like a tiger about to pounce. The look in his eye is unmistakable.

“Oh my GOD,” I whisper. “Seriously?

“I can’t get enough of your sweet pussy,” he smiles. “I love the way she grabs and squeezes, no matter how hard I pound her.” He slides on top of me and in between my legs, and pops a nipple in his mouth. The head of his gorgeous cock is pressed against my pussy, like barbarians at the gate, waiting to invade and ravage.

“I think you destroyed my pussy,” I say. I feel her responding to his soft sucking and biting of my nipples. She’s waking up, twitching, getting hungry again. The slut. “I don’t think I can –” He bites and pulls my nipple hard, sending a flood of heat and desire all through me. No matter how tired, distracted or angry I am, my nipples get my body, my pussy humming. They’re like the ignition in a car.

“Mmmmmmmm.” I moan. He does it again, sucking and pulling on both my nipples until I’m rubbing my pussy against him, making him twitch and moan. I feel him get stiffer and harder against me.

He kisses his way up to my neck, sucking me and biting me there, and then back down to my nipples, biting and tugging until I’m slick and humping against his cock, trying to get him inside me. My knees are at his waist, I’m humping him like a horny dog, but still he won’t slide into me. His hard, slick cock feels glorious against me, and my clit is starting to come out and investigate.

“Give it to me, fuck me please,” I whisper I need his cock inside me.

“I thought you were done,” he teases. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he says, pressing against my slit hard. Bastard. I could feel him shaking with the strain of keeping out of my pussy.

I spread my knees high and wide, and pushed my clit and slit against him hard.

“Baby fuck me, please.”

“You horny bitch,” he whispered. SLAM. I screamed at the impact. Oh yes.

He started pounding me immediately, taking my breath away with the force of his stroke. He was going so deep my pussy was seizing around him, grabbing him up to his balls. Give it to me, kill me, destroy me. He pounded the air out of my lungs. My pussy was loving every inch, every stroke.

“I’m not your baby,” he breathed. Slam-slam-slam-slam, oh god, yes.

“I’m your Master,” he hisses, his balls slamming against me. god yes, yes yes
“Do you hear me, pussy?” He grabs my legs and holds them up on either side, thighs up, putting my pussy front and center, easier to pound with a vengeance.

“Yes,” dontstopdontstopdontstop

“Say it.” slamslamslamslamslam I love the way his balls hit me

“You’re my Master.” I’m panting. I can barely breathe he’s fucking me so hard that I can’t catch my breath.

“Don’t forget it,” he says.

The sight of his massive cock pounding my swollen pussy makes me start ejaculating,gushing fluid.

I feel a twitch deep inside my pussy right before I ejaculate. There’s a spot he’s hitting that stimulates the fluid. It feels delicious, so deep inside, and I push back harder against his thrusts. chasing that stroke, that twitch that starts deep inside and clenches his cock and explodes in fluid.

Oh yes, I push harder — I think I hear him growling – his hand is around my neck, but I don’t care, his cock is hitting the spot, YES, and I grab his ass to keep his cock all the way inside me and I thrust and pump and griiiiind and against his massive cock stroking that spot deep inside my hot pussy.


I know I’m gushing and gushing and I pump and pump and pump until I come and come and come in fantastic waves of release. I feel him convulsing inside me, growling like a bear, his cock twitching hard, and he pumps deep his hand on my throat until he collapses on top of me.

We lie tangled and panting, wet and spent. After a few minutes, we look at each other and burst out laughing.

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No Mercy: Punisher


After releasing me from the restraints and blindfold Terminator bathed me, fed me and watered me. Then he put me to bed collared and chained, like a good sub.I wake from the post-coital coma with Terminator is spooning me.

I take inventory. My ass is sore from the spankings and the bites — there will be bruises. The cardinal rule of hookups is to leave no trace. He’s leaving marks to punish me, but I don’t really care at this point. As long as he doesn’t draw blood he can punish me however he likes as long as he doesn’t hurt me. As long as it’s playing it’s okay.

My shoulders and wrists are sore from the restraints, my stomach and abdomen are sore from the chair and from coming so hard. My pussy…my pussy is very happy and seems to have been pounded into submission. For the moment. I doze off again with a smile on my face.

It’s dark when I wake with a gasp. Terminator is licking and kissing me. His tongue and lips are tracing a fiery line from the back of my waist down to the base of my spine — that spot right above my ass crack. His tongue is dancing there when I wake. He licks and nibbles that indentation until my body is buzzing with arousal.

He nibbles his way up my spine to my waist and plays there for a while and licks his way back down. Sooooo hot. He does this until my pussy and my ass is on fire. He’s turned me from my side to my stomach, continuing the teasing with his tongue until I’m moaning, slick with arousal and humping the bed. Finally, slips his hand between my thighs and teases my pussy with two fingers, and bites down on a mouthful of my ass. I squeal in shock.

He pushes deep into me with now three fingers, in deep, and I push against his hand, loving it, wanting his stroke, yes and the pain from his bite hurts but it makes my pussy flutter inside. I’m  in heaven, riding his hand, closing my legs tight for friction, playing with my clit, all dreamy creamy, when he suddenly stops and pulls his fingers out.

I turned over to see what happened and I see that there are a pair of handcuffs next to him.

“On your hands and knees,” he commands

“As you wish, Master,” I respond.

He spreads my knees as far as possible.

“Ass up, face down, reach between your legs with both your hands,” he orders.

I get into the position, with my face turned so that my cheek is against the mattress. “Like this?”

He doesn’t answer. He cuffs my wrists together and cuffs my wrists to my ankles. My face (the side of my face) feels smushed against the mattress, and I’m afraid my neck could break.

“Master, I’m afraid for my neck,” I say. Really afraid. Once he starts pounding me my neck could snap like a twig.

I hear him walk across the room and open a drawer. He comes back and slides a hard purple cushion under my neck and shoulders, raising them. He adjusts it until I felt comfortable and my neck was no longer under pressure. Not exactly comfortable, but not dangerous.

“Okay?” he asks.


I’m immobilized. Powerless.  I have zero range of motion.

“Remember the safe word.”


He gently starts to massage my ass. It hurts because of the spankings and the bites, but he’s using the coconut oil and it’s slightly warm and feels so sweet and soothing. He slowly starts massaging oil on my ass, down my legs, and over my pussy lips, stroking firmly. He pours a little stream of oil down the slope of my back and rubs it all over my back to my neck. He’s being gentle and I’m as relaxed as I can be in that position. Then he focuses again on my ass, pussy down my thighs. I’m practically purring it feels so good, teased with oiled fingers, my clit has come out to play. Yes.

I feel his oiled fingers stroke my pussy and slowly tease my clit until I’m moaning, and he swirls his tongue over and around my clit until I’m panting. His fingers glide into my hot, wet pussy and then I feel his hot tongue in my ass. I cry out in delight and hurt myself seizing against the restraints.

Goosebumps break out on my skin as Terminator intensifies his attention, his fingers deep in my slick pussy, his mouth on my ass, sending wave after wave of pleasure all through me.

My back, thighs,  and arms, my wrists, and ankles, in particular are painfully immobilized. Still. Be still, I tell myself. I’ve never been so aware of every muscle in my body. The only muscles that can respond without causing me pain are in my pussy and ass.

I focus on the sensation. The pleasure. The fluttery tongue in my ass, the fingers stroking me deep inside – feeling those juicy hot strokes flood me with heat as he strokes a spot deep inside — oooh yesyesyesyes — hit me baby, right there mmmmhmmm. Stroke, stroke,stroke — yesyesdon’tstop–yesyesyesYES — until I start coming. My pussy and ass start contracting at the same time; it moves through me like seizures. I start gushing as my pussy contracts, pulsing liquid down my legs, onto his hand, onto the bed.

My whole body jumps with the strength of it, straining my back, yanking my arms and ankles painfully over and over as the orgasm pounds through me.

I hear myself wailing in pain and helpless, endless pleasure.

Afterwards, Terminator leaves me shackled and twitching, my ass in the air. I hear him in the bathroom, and then silence for a while. I want him to hurry back and uncuff me, but the longer he’s gone the less likely this seems. A few minutes pass. I experience random twitching from the orgasm.


I still feel incredibly horny. It’s as if the ass-up knees spread position I’m in has made my) desire stronger. Cock ASAP. I let out a moan of frustration.

Just as I become aware of him behind me, he roughly shoves his hard cock into my pussy and a dildo up my ass. He starts pumping steadily, and the feel of his deep thrusts along with the glorious feeling of the dildo in my ass soon have me juicy and moaning for more. DP, hallelujah. Yesyesyesyes something he knows I’ve always wanted.

He’s fucking me like I’m not there, as if I’m just an instrument for his pleasure and amusement. He stops thrusting with his cock, then pounds me with the dildo until I almost come then stops and pounds my pussy with his cock until I’m on the brink again, then continues with the dildo in my ass. It soooo good that I’m practically cross-eyed and seeing visions. Rainbows, unicorns and cocks. Oh and fireworks.
He is fucking me into a hallucinogenic state.

He tortures me like this endlessly, not letting me come until he’s turned me into a helpless little slut begging for relief. He doesn’t respond, but he doesn’t let me come.

He stops. I groan loudly. He walks past me and I see his huge engorged cock. I’m speechless, not for the first time. How big is that thing exactly?

He straps on the dildo (both it and his cock are sheathed with condoms, slick with my juice), and comes back to me. Oh yes. Double the thrust, double the pleasure. Or torture.

Slam He bangs the air out of me with the first hard thrust. He pulls out sloooooowly almost completely and then: SLAM so hard. And again. Pulling out sloooooowly and SLAM. Every thrust kills me with pleasure and pain. The fucking is delicious but the restraints are digging into my wrists and ankles with every thrust.

He started fucking me faster. “Is this what you want, you greedy, horny slut?”

Hell yes. “Yes yes Master.” don’t stop sogoodsogoodsogooood Slamslamslam
slamslamslamslamslam ohgodohgod

“Who can give it to you like I do? Who’s going to fuck you like you need itit?” He pumped me faster and faster, deliciously, violently. He held my hips in an iron grip and squeezed hard the faster he pumped me.

“No one, no one,” I cried, “Don’t stop.” killmekillmewiththatcock I started coming so hard that my stomach muscles clenched, my thigh muscles strained and I wailed like an  animal.

Terminator kept fucking me like a beast with that delicious cock and the dildo, thrusting hard and fast, hurting me, invading me, marking me.

This pussy is mine. This ass is mine. Mine. Do you understand.?”

“Yes.” ohgodohgod I ‘m coming again yesyesyesyes

“No matter what, this is mine.”

He pumped me like a man possessed, making me scream again and again, until he started shaking, his cock deep inside me twitching hard, a deep moan escaping him that sounded like both release and regret.


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Merciless III

The feel of his breath on my swollen clit made my knees buckle. My arms and upper body yanked against the restraints, causing them to dig into my skin. I yelped in pain before I straightened my legs. The pain cut through the haze of arousal I was in. Had he said something?His grip on my thigh felt like steel and his breath on my cunt like fire. I trembled. I wanted his cock. His mouth to do me, to finish destroying me. I groaned in frustration.”Answer me,” he said softly. His voice was low, caressing, teasing.

“Fuck me, ” I begged. “Give it to me, please.”

His tongue teased around my swollen clit again and I push against his mouth so violently that the chair slide back a little. I’m trembling, sweating, dying for his cock. He’s keeping me on that brink, torturing me for his own amusement. Whenever my clit slides back under its hood, he teases her back out, ignoring my moans and cries for release.  Over and over, he teases her out and stops, making me howl in frustration. My stomach muscles are straining against the chair and my legs are immobilized by the spreader.

Then I hear him walk away. My pussy is throbbing, and I’m so ready it hurts. He returns in a few seconds and buries his fingers in my hot pussy, while licking my clit. I gasp in surprise and pleasure, and push my pussy into him chasing that stroke, that butterfly tongue. More, harder deeper, and he, making me crazy, but not letting me come until it pleased him. And it didn’t please him. He stopped every time I started to come, and the last time, I started to come just from the soft wet slide of his fingers back into me — he bit my ass so hard I screamed — and stopped coming.

“Please, Master,” I begged, “Please let me come,”
WHACK on my ass. I yelped in pain (that sting though)

“You don’t speak unless spoken to,” he says. WHACK with his hand. My eyes tear up from the pain. Do it again, I thought to myself.


“Why are you talking, you little slut?” WHACK

‘You don’t talk” WHACK

“You don’t ask” WHACK

“You don’t do anything” WHACK

“but take it.” WHACK

And he shoves his cock into me so hard I scream.

He stops. why doesn’t he…oh my god. I contract around his delicious tool, my pussy has been waiting so long, I start coming immediately and he’s not even pumping me. His cock twitches inside me, and he holds my ass tight and moans softly as I release wave after wave of orgasm, pushing, gushing onto the floor, writhing, around and pushing on his cock. He stays in deep but doesn’t thrust. He hangs onto me with an iron grip while I’m in the throes of bliss, and hard as a rock.

He starts pumping me as the last waves of orgasm are dissipating. Slowly at first, and I feel every ridge and bump of his gorgeous cock stroking me. In…out…in…out mmmmm YES, it feels SO amazing to have his cock finally stroke me I almost weep with joy.

“Is this what you want?” Hitting it hard. Shoving it in deep. My clit. ohgodohgodohgod.

“Yes, yes.” I’m moaning. His cock feels thicker, harder. glorious. Destroy me, I think to myself.

“Like this?” Faster, and faster, until he’s like a machine slamming into me, hurting me, punishing me, claiming me, marking me.

I’m wailing, my legs are straining against him and the restraints, the chair is digging into my stomach, my arms are straining against the ties, but all I want is that cock, and that pain, that pleasure, that punishment. My pussy swallows him like a greedy slut and I feel him groan at my powerful contractions, but he doesn’t stop slamming into me.

I start to come, wailing he grabs my hair and yanks my head up and slams, me like a wild beast. Until we both explode, howling.

Panting. Sweat. Silence.

“This is what you want to leave.”


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